CeloBACS Archive Server

The CeloBACS Archive Server is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) module that backs up patient studies and associated database stored in the CeloPACS Server. CeloBACS can be kept onsite or maintained off-site for HIPAA compliant disaster recovery.

CeloBACS Archive Server provides

  • A scalable and fault-tolerant state-of-the-art RAID backup for the data residing in the CeloPACS Server.
[Photo of two CeloBACS Archive Servers]
[Photo of two CeloBACS Archive Servers]
  • Choice of chassis: Desktop, Rack Mount.
  • Built-in redundant power supply on select models.
  • Auto power on after power loss on select models.
  • Optional hot-swap storage capability (standard feature on some models).
  • TCP/IP Network support.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports support
  • Automatic scheduled backup from CeloPACS Server for all DICOM data and its related database.
  • A backup/disaster recovery solution to ensure HIPAA compliance.